Amanjay Siamese  

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                                          Siamese Queens and Stud.




           Amanjay Majestic Fullmoon.


                        Chi is my seal point Siamese.

                    She is also retired from breeding.

                      She as a lovely sweet nature.

             Chi as been a great mum to all her kittens.


              Kohima Enchanted Spirit.

                          Spirit is my black oriental.
               She as a lovely nature and always a purr.
                         Now retired from breeding.
               Amanjay Pure Devotion.
              Krystal is my chocolate point Siamese.
                                  Breeding Queen.
                            She is Chi`s daughter.
                            A sweet natured girl.
             Amanjay Vibrant Bluemoon.

                       Luna is my blue point Siamese.
                                    Breeding Queen.
                          She is also Chi`s daughter.
                    She as a wonderful sweet nature.
                      Progressive Retinal Atrophy :- Normal.

                               Amanjay White Magic.
                         Xena is my chocolate point Siamese.
                                     Breeding Queen.
                                She is Krystal`s daughter.
                                     A sweet loving girl.

                         Progressive Retinal Atrophy :- Normal.

                                                       Stud boy.

                                    Serapis Aramis

                   Shadow my blue Oriental stud boy.
                       He has such a sweet nature.
                                   A gentle loving boy.

                 Progressive Retinal Atrophy :- Normal
                            FeLV/FIV :- Negative.

                         Stud details on contact page.


              Changsai Amanjay Thaisiam.                                          


                   Thai my blue point Siamese stud boy.

                              He his a big soft boy.

                         He as a very loving nature.

                         Also likes to talk all the time.

                   Thai is now retired from stud work

                             enjoying retirement.


                Thai on front cover of your cat magazine.