Amanjay Siamese  

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In Loving Memory.

                                                                     Velvetena Dawn Glory
                                                                           20.09.89 - 20.04.01    
                                                          In loving memory of a much loved and devoted friend.
                                                                                 My first Siamese cat velvetena dawn glory.  
                                                                     Topaz to the ones who loved her. passed away aged 11 years.    
                                                               Tears of joy. Tears of sadness.
                                             In the beginning their was a kitten with eyes of blue,
                                                    then she grew into my companion so true.
                                                  With the love she gave was greatly received,
                                                         so was her son and daughter too.
                                                   We had many years of fun and laughter,
                                                        of love and affection all through.
                                              Towards the end it was just me and my friend,
                                                                 together to the end.
                                                From her first day with me came tears of joy,
                                             to her last day with me came the tears of sadness.
                                      In between was a wonderful, loving, affectionate companion,
                                                          who stays in my heart always.
                                                               And the tears still fall.


                                                  Adinnam Samurai Steel
                                                      05.03.92 - 13.07.05
                                   In loving memory of a much loved and devoted siamese cat.
                                         Nim Nim who passed away aged 13 years old.

                                          What a story full of love, cuddles and purrs.
                   I was there when you came into this world, you started life known as tiny tim born with a weak back leg.
                                     Has you grew into a beautiful strong boy, you became known as Nim Nim.
                                              To follow was a wonderful, gentle, affectionate companion.
                                                                     Full of love, cuddles and purrs.
                                               You was my living teddy bear, always there to give a cuddle
                                 You was a surrogate dad to my siamese girls and a surrogate grandad to their kittens.
                                 I was there when you left this world, by your side like you had always been by mine.
                                   You gave so much love and it is greatly missed, you will stay in my heart always.
                                            I thank you for all that love, all them cuddles and all them purrs. 
                                                                             Which i miss so much.


                                                     Admewam Sapphira

                                                                          18.07.02 - 12.01.12

                                                    In loving memory of a sweet and loving siamese girl. 

                                                         Crystal who passed away aged 9 1/2 years.

                                                                              Gone but not forgotten.

                                                A sweet, loving companion and wonderful mum to your kittens

                                                                    A special girl who loved being a mum.

                                                  Giving me three of your daughters, Angel, Mystique and Chi.

                                                   For this i thank you and your precious memory will live on.

                                                                            Love and miss you always.

                                                                            Gone but never forgotten.


                                                                   Amanjay Crystal Angel.

                                                                      07.10.03 - 05.05.14

                                                    In loving memory of a much loved and devoted siamese girl.

                                                                 Angel who passed away aged 10 1/2 years.

                                                                           My Angel in heaven above.

                                                             What a crazy, loving and devoted companion.

                  Many of a time did you get me unawares, with you jumping on my back making me scream Angel get off.

                                              Through the pain of your claws on my skin there was always laugher.

                                             I miss your crazy little ways so much but they stay in my heart always.

                                    I was with you when you came into this world and with you when you left my side.

                                                                   What a crazy Angel heaven has now.


                                                                   Amanjay Galaxy of Stars.

                                                                        18.04.07 - 23.04.19

                                                             In loving memory of a special siamese girl.

                                                                Mystique passed away aged 12 years.

                                                                                      My sweet girl.

                                                             What a special mum you was to all of your babies.

                                                                            Always so loving and caring.

                                                                I loved the way you purred of no reason at all.

                                    I was by your side when you came into this world and also by your side when you left.

                                                                           love you and miss you always.