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                                                      Siamese & Oriental cats and kittens

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  Tel :-      01530 461820.

  Mobile :- 07837469253.

                                                                      Stud Details

                                                                                        Limited stud only.

All queens are to be on the active register and blood tested 24 hours before arriving to stud for FeLV/FIV. Test must read negative and be put in writing and signed by the veterinary surgeon/nurse. Queen needs to be free from any parasites such as fleas, worms etc. and all nails need to be clipped. Any queen showing extreme aggression will not be mated. All matings we be supervised, dates and times will be given of matings. Queen should be collected 24/48 hours after 1st mating. When queen is collected upon payment of stud fee, all paper work shall be given regarding mating. No kittens from this mating to be placed on the active register unless authorised by the studs owner. It is advised that kittens do not go to a new home before they have been vaccinated and health checked by a veterinary surgeon/nurse. Also that all correct paper work is given for the kitten at time of sale.

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Based in Coalville Leicestershire.