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                                Welcome to the home of Amanjay Siamese.

My name is Amanda and I live in Leicestershire with my feline family of Siamese and Oriental cats, who all live in doors and are a big part of my family life. I have had the pleasure of owning Siamese cats for 30 years. I am a registered Siamese cat breeder with the GCCF with my prefix Amanjay. I mainly breed seal, chocolate and blue point Siamese. My cats are FeLV negative ( feline leukemia virus ), which means they have been blood tested and are free from this virus. FeLV is the most common cause of cancer in cats. 
The Siamese cat originated from siam which is how thailand. They were cats of royalty and held in very high esteem, to be given a Siamese cat was a prestigious gift. They came into Britain in the 1880`s. The original Siamese colour was seal point, then came blue, chocolate and lilac point .Up to today there are over 30 different colours/points. Siamese kittens are born white has they grow older their extremities (ears,face,legs and tail) darken and their colour keeps developing up to about 12 months of age. Siamese cats that live in warmer regions have a pale coloured coat compaired to ones living in colder regions that have a darker coloured coat. This is because Siamese have a heat sensitive gene called the himalayan gene.

There are now three types of Siamese cats, the traditional (applehead), the classic (old style) and the modern type (wedgehead) .The traditional type Siamese are stocky, bigger boned and well muscled with rounder bodies and heads with upright ears and their fur is thicker. This is the original Siamese to come from siam. The classic type Siamese lies somewhere in between the traditional and the modern type of Siamese. It is sturdy, medium boned, slightly more elongated than the traditional type and has a wide wedge shape head, with upright ears. The modern type Siamese is smaller boned, thin and elongated with a sharply pointed wedge shaped head topped with big ears on side of the head. The modern type Siamese are favoured in cat shows.

Siamese cats are very people orientated and like to be a part of the family, like other cats they are independent but don`t like to be solitary or lonely. They are a people`s cat and they are good with children as well as getting along with other cats and dogs. They are loyal and devoted to their owners. They are active, very intelligent and vocal having a tendency to talk to their owners. They love to be with you helping in your daily routine. You are never alone when you own a Siamese because if they are not on your lap or your shoulder they are by your feet. Since owning a Siamese 30 years ago, there has been no turning back, once you have had the pleasure of owning one, you will want another. A Siamese cats personality is one of the most extroverted and social of the cat world. So if you want a cat that is quiet and can be left to their own devices a Siamese cat is not for you, but if you want a loyal, intelligent companion and lap cat then you can`t beat a Siamese cat. 

All my Siamese kittens only go to suitable new owners who will give them a permanent, loving and caring home.   I do like to keep in touch when kittens have left me to see how they progress in their new homes. It is very important to me that both new owners and kittens are very happy with one another. As it is my responsibility to bring them into this world, so it is my responsibility to see they have the best life possible in their new homes. Help and advice are always at hand regarding any of  my Siamese kittens.

My kittens leave me at 13 weeks old when they have had their course of vaccinations, with a pedigree and registered with the GCCF, litter trained, wormed, health checked prior to leaving by the vet, microchiped, (4 weeks free insurance) and a goodie bag of items to help them on their way in their new homes. All my kittens are reared in the home with lots of love and affection, to give them the best start In life. After care advice is always available to all my kittens and their new owners.